What is a 1031 Like Kind Exchange?

Like-kind refers to the type of property being exchanged. You can exchange any investment real estate for any other type of investment real estate - for example, vacant land can be exchanged for rental property. In most cases your personal residence is not a like-kind investment property.

Like-Kind Property

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What is a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) and how does it work?

A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is a separate legal entity formed as a trust under Delaware law. If properly structured, the DST will be classified as a grantor trust for federal income tax purposes and, as a result, the purchaser of a beneficial interest in the trust will acquire an undivided interest in the asset(s) held by the DST. DSTs may qualify for 1031 exchanges. 


What are some the benefits of a DST?

A DST may offer potential benefits that might be attractive to someone selling appreciated real estate. In addition to allowing the individual to defer taxes, a DST might offer the following:

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Get Answers to your DST/1031 Exchange* Questions

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Who Is An Accredited Investor?

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A typical 1031 exchange has three basic steps.

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* Charles River Financial Group does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice, nor can we make any representations or warranties regarding the tax consequences of your exchange transaction. We strongly encourage you to seek appropriate professional advice regarding your specific facts and circumstances. This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to purchase or sell scrutinized real estate investments. Such offers are only made through the Sponsors Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) which is solely available to accredited investors and accredited entities. There are risks associated with investing in real estate and Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) properties including, but not limited to, loss of entire investment principal, declining market values, tenant vacancies and illiquidity. Investors should read the PPM carefully before investing paying special attention to the risk section.