About Us

Since our inception over three decades ago, we have seen individuals that need help with the creation and management of wealth fail to achieve their financial goals and objectives because they didn’t receive objective advice delivered in a consultative and client centric way.  Wealth management is not a product nor is it a transaction.  Wealth management is the integration of several financial disciplines, delivered by independent and objective consultants/advisors who collaborate to provide you appropriate solutions to achieve your desired financial outcome.  We work with like-minded individuals and institutions to design and manage comprehensive wealth management solutions. 


More than just a company


As your financial representative, we provide you our unbiased, well-informed consultation. We follow through and are thorough in our attention to your needs.



We act in your interest. We are not here to sell you proprietary products. We are here to assess your particular needs and help find appropriate solutions for you. We provide independent analysis so you can make informed decision about what is best for your financial needs.


We have nearly 30 years of experience in our industry. We know all the ins-and-outs there are to financial services and financial planning.  We are eager to share our expert knowledge with you.



We have a network of certified investment advisers, tax attorneys, estate planners, CPA's, lawyers, long-term care planners, and insurance advisers to complement your team. If you need any additional services, we have the professionals to provide it.



We integrate informational and technological resources from a variety of institutions to deliver professional and thorough services to you. Our financial planning technology, integrated portfolio platform, and insurance resources come from the leading business partners.  We can provide quick and accurate information to help save you time and money.


We have assembled an internal team of professionals. Their innovative work and experience serves as a backbone to your financial success.



Our Story

In this highly sophisticated and rapidly changing financial environment, it is critical that individuals and businesses protect and enhance their current financial resources while also preparing for their future security. This requires careful planning and prudent management of one's financial assets. 

Unfortunately, due to the complexity of today's financial world, the day and age of the single advisor who can provide all necessary financial services has passed. No one type of professional can now adequately handle such diverse financial needs as income taxes, investments, estate and retirement planning and risk management.

At the time of its formation, Charles River Financial Group realized this and determined that it would assemble a unique professional staff that could truly offer complete financial services to both individuals and businesses under one roof. The firm achieved that objective and its staff now includes Certified Financial Planners, accountants, Investment Advisor Representatives, Registered Securities Representatives, insurance professionals and other experienced, licensed professionals.

As a result, we offer one a diverse ranges of integrated financial services. In addition, the firm prides itself on providing prompt, personal and highly professional services. Charles River Financial Group is committed to meeting its clients financial needs now and in the future.